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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers which might come in handy. If there’s something we haven’t addressed, please feel free to contact us at the email or phone number below.

Can I bring my spouse or children? Yes, of course you can. If that person (or persons) is sharing a room with you then they only have to pay the spouse reduced package rate for every person sharing your room. Every person who requires their own room would have to pay the full package price. Go to the “Book It Now” page to see the package contents and pricing.

What if I have other hotel or overnight accommodations? Not a problem. Again, if you don’t need a room then you just pay the spouse reduced package price.

Who is eligible to attend the reunion? Any U.S. Navy enlisted man or officer who actively served aboard the USS Bremerton (SSN 698) at anytime from May 1976 to present date, their spouses, girlfriends, or immediate family members.

When is the last date I can register for the reunion? Because the Golden Nugget is always at 90% capacity or better, they have required that a complete manifest for rooms be submitted to them no later than 30 days prior to the reunion. Therefore, we MUST have all attendees paid and registered NO LATER THAN April 7th, 2018. After that, the hotel will release our reserved room block and they will not hold any more rooms at our special reunion rate.

Once I register for the reunion, do I need to call the hotel to make or confirm my room reservation? No. Once your payment is made you will be automatically added to the master room manifest which will be submitted to the hotel on 4/7/18. All you need to do is arrive at the front desk on May 7th and show your I.D. That’s it. You will have a pre-paid room in your name waiting for you. You will have to leave a credit card for incidentals but otherwise, your package price pays for 4 nights of the Carson Tower King room, plus tax and resort fee.

If I want to upgrade my room can I do so? Yes, you can upgrade your room when you check in (based on availability) at an additional cost which will be charged to you at the time of check in. You will be credited for the cost of the basic room you’ve already paid for…you just have to pay the difference. If you know well ahead of time that you’ll need a larger room, then please contact me as early as possible so I can notify the hotel to reserve that room for you.

Is there a dress code? No there isn’t. This is Las Vegas in May where the temperatures should be in the mid to upper 80’s, maybe 90. So dress comfortably, (shorts, polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans, etc.). The only thing you “may” want to dress up a little for is the Welcome Dinner Reception on Monday night. Then I think slacks (or nice jeans) and a collared shirt would be appropriate. BUT NOT REQUIRED. The other time you might consider is Wednesday night when we go out to the Karaoke club. Oh, and bring your swimsuit! Comfortable shoes will be a good idea too!

Am I able to come earlier than May 7th, or leave later than May 11th? Yes, of course, however you will have to pay the current market rate for the room as you will be outside of the special reunion rate period. In this case, please contact me (AND NOT THE HOTEL) so I can see if I can get the best price for you through my contact there.

What if I register but need to cancel. Can I get a refund? Yes IF YOU CANCEL PRIOR TO APRIL 1, 2018. In this case, you can get a full refund minus $25 for the online transaction fee that I can’t get back once it’s been processed at time of purchase. If you cancel after April 1, 2018 then you will get whatever monies I can get back from the various entities who may have been pre-paid (hotel, attractions, etc.). All refunds will be returned to the credit card in which you initially made your package payment with.

Is there a shuttle service to and from the airport and hotel? No, unfortunately there isn’t. So, the best way to go is by taking Uber which is running about $20.35 (as of 4/30/17 – rates may change in one year).

What are the chances of the itinerary changing? Good question. There are no guarantees that all of the attractions will be available as scheduled, especially when we’re a year out. Obviously as we get closer to the date, there is more of a chance that the schedule will stay the same. In the event of a schedule change, you will be notified via social media and on the website, or at the reunion itself whichever is most applicable. We ask that you be flexible and understanding of circumstances that may occur that our beyond our control.

Who’s putting this reunion together? There are 3 main players in the reunion planning process. I, Rich Crombie, have taken care of the majority of the ground work, budgeting, and planning. I have several years of experience in event planning and marketing however I am not a professional travel agent. Challen Yee and Jeff Marcey are the other two people involved in the overview and planning. To keep the package costs down, we elected to go this route vs. hiring a professional travel agency or event planning company which would’ve escalated the package price to well over $1200 each BEFORE the hotel costs to get virtually the same thing you’re already going to get for $698 which¬†INCLUDES hotel costs! Trust me, I got two proposals from two different planning companies before taking the reins myself when I saw the costs. It ain’t cheap! Incidentally, we (Jeff, Challen, and myself) were the ones who put together the Reno 2016 reunion which was very well received by all with only very minor glitches. Because of this, again, we ask for understanding and patience in the event of any inconveniences)

Where is all of my money going from the package price? 100% of the monies collected go to the reunion. It pays for our rooms, taxes, fees, transportation, designated meals, convention costs, beverages on the bus, PayPal transaction fees, designated attractions admissions, gratuities, and reunion souvenirs and materials. NO PROFIT is generated for anyone putting this event together. A budget spreadsheet will be made available to anyone at the reunion for full transparency.

What if I only want to go to some stuff and not do everything on the itinerary. Can I just pay for each activity or meal I use individually and not pay the full package price? Unfortunately no. Again, we are not a fully operational travel company and the accounting would be a logistical nightmare trying to keep track of what money goes where, who did or didn’t pay, etc. So…to keep it simple and easy for everyone, why not just enjoy everything we have planned and soak up all the amenities that come with the full package price as you can. You’re in Vegas and we’re going to have fun!

How do I know I am marked “paid and registered” after submitting my payment online? Once you make your payment you will automatically get an email receipt. I will also get this notification as soon as you make that payment. I will then record your name and the packages you purchased, update the room manifest, then add your name to the list of attendees on the reunion website. If you see your name there then you’re all set!

When we get closer to the date will someone update me on specific instructions? Yes. Approximately 10 days before the reunion, I will send an email blast to all registered attendees with specific information pertinent to your arrival. You can always contact me anytime between now and then with questions, or concerns.

If you have any other specific questions or comments regarding the reunion that are not covered in the above list, then we’d love to hear from you!

Rich Crombie

(775) 240-7958

Challen Yee