List of Attendees




Here is a list of shipmates who have signed up to attend the USS Bremerton (SSN 698) Reunion II in Las Vegas, May 2018

(As people book their packages I will update this list, so if you want to keep up to date on who’s going in 2018 then check back often to see who’s been added! Also, please note….I acknowledge ranks Chief and above for those who were those ranks as we knew them back in the 70’s and 80’s on the boat)

Rich Crombie

Joel Walton

Keith Hetherington

Challen Yee

Sam Lantz

Tom Canter

Ed Kopic

In case you’re curious, here’s the list of Bremerton shipmates who attended the Reno reunion in August 2016.

Keith Hetherington

Rich Crombie

Challen Yee

Joel Walton

Jeff Marcey

Glen Van Wyk

Sam Lantz

“Chief” Bill Brehler

Tom Canter

Joseph Polizzotti

Dave Withers

Don Jones

“Chief” Patrick May

Roy Sokolowski

Cary McDavid

David Cortese

David Allen

Guy Smith

Brian Barnes

Ray Proud

“Chief” Steve Everett

Tom Holland

Tom McPhillips

A special message from IC Man, Dave Withers to all Bremerton shipmates and reunion attendees….he asked that I pass along these sentiments to you….

Thoughts On Perseverance
“Patrie defensor ad hoc adsum”
(“In defense of my country”)

As I contemplate our upcoming reunion for the early riders of USS Bremerton (SSN 698), I notice that the ship we celebrate and we ourselves have a common quality…perseverance. We’re still here, and so is our girl. The decades and all the ups and downs have passed, and SSN 698 still steams.  No other ship in her class can boast that. Our nation’s sea lines of communication remain open, thanks to her and all who sail aboard her. I feel blessed that we early riders are also still here, still on the job somewhere, still making a positive difference in our loved ones’ lives.

Consider the fate of some of those who worked against our girl and our interests:
John Walker (crypto salesman to USSR)–dead while imprisoned;
Jerry Whitworth (Walker’s buddy)–still working on his 365-year prison sentence at age 76;
Leonid Brezhnev–dead;
Yuri Andropov–dead;
Konstantin Chernenko–dead;
Our girl and we have outlasted all of the above…given that, I’m confident and proud that we’ve done it right, done it well, with God’s blessing.

I’m also proud of those who took the reins of the Bremerton after we departed. Thanks to our girl and her crew of the time, a certain ship hulk no longer threatens the Oregon coastline. Many of our accomplishments can’t be listed in this medium because they’re classfied, but we may stand tall with our magnificent ship for a job well done.

In summary, I look forward to seeing all of my fellow early riders as we honor our legacy of having served aboard USS Bremerton (SSN 698), a submarine that has served our country so long and so well.